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Simba, the Story of an Invisible Dog

Simba’s story is a legend that moves everyone who hears it.

It is a story of the heights of human apathy, but it is also a story of the power of human compassion. On a rainy night at the bustling Yashwantpur Railway station, our founder, Haris Ali, saw Simba. The sight was heart-breaking. Such enormous number of people, running from one end of the station to the other, rushing past each other as if hunting something imaginary. And there was Simba in the middle of all of this. Standing there as if invisible to everyone. Standing there with his head open from a wound, his skull visible, a sight no one would be able to ignore, only if they actually paid attention.



Date of Rescue:

February 12, 2017


9 Years



And then he became Visible!

Haris knew he had to help Simba and decided to rescue him. But before he could reach him, Simba had vanished in the sea of people at the station. For three hours that night, Haris tried to locate Simba. He looked at every platform, every lane near the station, and asked every vendor and worker he met at the station, but to no avail. He finally left his phone number with these people and came home, only to stay awake all night and think about the poor dog who was surrounded by people and yet did not get help.

Next evening  5pm, Haris received a call. The people at the railway station had finally seen Simba. He had come to these people when they called him, and they quickly leashed him on to a pole so that Haris could go and rescue him. This is how Simba was rescued. After two months of treatment at CUPA, Simba came to the newly started Sarvoham shelter where he still lives as Sarvoham’s most cherished resident.

Animals do speak but only to those who know how to listen. 

– Orhan Pamuk

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