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Bring Home Happiness!

Adopting abandoned and rescued dogs from animal rescue shelters creates a culture of sympathy for street animals. It also fosters acceptance amd appreciation towards our indigenous Indian breed dogs. 

Do you want to change a life by giving them some space in your life? Here’s a list of our cherished companions at the shelter who are looking for a home. Just choose one and say hello to happiness!


Tips for bringing home a newly adopted pet

Have a look at our pet adoption form?

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Do's and Don'ts after bringing Home a newly Adopted pet!

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How to help a newly adopted pet Adjust in your Home?

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How to Ensure your Newly adopted Pet is Eating Right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you adopt, you save a life. When you buy a pet, it supports cruel breeding mills. There are more than 7 lakh stray dogs in Bangalore who need love and forever homes. If you adopt, you can find a dog that is unique and fits your personality. Adoption is cheaper than buying a dog. An adopted pet is as loving and loyal as a purchased one. After all, money can’t buy love.

What is the procedure for adoption?

1) It begins with a visit to our website or shelter to get to know about all the pets that are up for adoption at Sarvoham.
2) You are required to fill a basic information form so that we get to know you better, and can note that there is a person/family interested to adopt that particular dog.
3) If we are satisfied with the details you filled in the form, you will get a call back from us informing you of the approval and requesting you to fill a second form that is slightly more detailed than the first one.
4) Once we are satisfied with all the details you have provided, we will invite you to fill the adoption contract.
5) After this, a house check is arranged by us so that we are sure that your family is also ready to have a pet and that your home is suitable for the pet.
6) That’s it! Once these formalities are completed, you are ready to come and take your adopted pet home to have an absolutely amazing life with them!

Are there any documents that I need to submit at the time of adoption?

After you fill both questionnaires and the adoption contract, you will also be required to provide a copy of your Aadhar card along with a copy of your residence proof. This may include electricity bill, gas connection bill, landline bill or rental agreement.

How long will the adoption process take?

The adoption process takes about a week’s time if you follow all the directions promptly

How do I know which dog to adopt?

Every dog is different. When you spend some time with them, you will understand their temperament and nature. You will need to select a dog based on the space available in your home, how much exercise and outdoor play they need and you can afford, and if they prefer the company of other dogs etc. You can get more information about this from the adoption counselor at Sarvoham.

Where have all the dogs at the shelter come from?

Most of the dogs were brought in because they are sick or have met with an accident. Some dogs were abandoned by breeders after they were of no use to them. A few were left by their previous caregivers for unknown reasons. Every dog at Sarvoham shelter is vaccinated, dewormed and undergoes regular health check ups.

What happens if I have problems after bringing the pet home?

Usually, the dog will take 3-6 weeks to get to know you and settle down in the new environment. It is recommended that you take this time to make your pet comfortable with the surroundings and give them time to adjust to this change. This can be challenging at times, and being patient and understanding your dog's needs will help. Please consult the adoption counselor for any advice.

Is there a fee for pet adoption?

Yes, there is a fee of 2,500/- rupees to adopt a dog from Sarvoham.

What does the adoption fee include?

The adoption fee includes costs for vaccinating the pet against rabies, distemper, parvo, leptospirosis and other fatal infections and includes the cost of neutering and spaying the pet. The fee you pay for adopting a pet also helps other animals who need rescue and treatment.

What if I want to know my potential pet better before I adopt him? Do you allow longer visits to spend time with the pet?

You are welcome to come and spend time with your potential pet at our shelter. This is in fact a good idea to get to know your pet better and make the adoption process smoother for them as well as yourself.

What all should I bring when I come to take my adopted pet home?

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the pet to travel to your house. Bring a comfortable leash, a collar, a clean water bowl and a bottle of water for them. Also, although this may not be required, you must carry an empty plastic bag in case the animal gets motion sickness.

I want to get a purebred dog only. Will you give me one?

We prefer that our dogs are not judged on the basis of their breeds. All dogs are equally beautiful and loving. If you are only looking for a dog that is purebred, we cannot assure you the purity of his breed. You must also understand that we shall neuter/ spay the dog before his adoption.

Can I take my adopted pet home the same day I complete all formalities?

Yes, if all the formalities are completed you are free to take the adopted pet home.

What if after all my efforts, I am unable to keep the dog?

If despite all efforts, you are not able to adjust with the dog or he is not able to adjust to your household, we will take the dog back.

Still got Questions?

Write to us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to walk you through your adoption journey.



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