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Mercy and Diana, the bond everlasting!

When you visit Sarvoham, you will surely encounter two sunny personalities, two beautiful BFFs, Mercy and Diana. Mercy was rescued after a horrendous road accident broke her spinal cord when she was just an 8-month-old little puppy. Diana was abandoned by her own people when she was permanently disabled due to a similar spinal cord injury. And while the disability they face is enough to shatter the spirits of any strong human, Mercy and Diana go on about life with sheer grit and grace.


Mercy & Diana

Date of Rescue:

May 10 & June 15 2020


1.5 & 4 Years



Together in Adversity!

Neither of them can walk normally and have to drag themselves everywhere, but that doesn’t diminish their vibrance and joy of living. It surely appears as if Mercy and Diana share a deep empathy for each other and an awareness of each other’s agony. It is therefore, that you will always see these wonderful girls always together! They eat together, sleep together and get restless if they don’t see each other for more than a few minutes. Diana and Mercy are truly inspirational as an epitome of strength as well as an epitome of friendship. Besides “eat, sleep, play, repeat” there is so much we learn from these amazing girls every day.

Sit with animals quietly and they will show you their heart. Sit with them kindly and they will help you locate yours. 

– Ramblings of the Claury

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