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Why Corporate-Non Profit Collaboration?

Humanity is going through a major shift in its approach to other animals. While the cruelty against animals is rising at an alarming speed, perhaps due to the materiality and the insensitivity of the modern condition, the concern for animals is also, thankfully increasing. Now is the time to participate in this wave of compassion, to create a cultural movement, to make a little difference to the lives of animals every day. This movement, however, has to be a project of collaboration, cooperation and collective effort. It can only be successful if animal welfare organizations find the strong support from compassionate corporate companions and create an impact that magnifies with this support.

Why help Sarvoham?

Sarvoham is an act of courage by a young man who wanted to change the world for animals. He has stood his ground for more than four years despite all adversities and oppositions. Sarvoham has come a long way from where it started but there are still many necessities that demand urgent attention. We are incredibly short of staff, space and medical infrastructure to help as many animals as are reported to us every day. Saying no to even a single animal is soul-shattering and yet inevitable due to the lack of resources. Sarvoham entirely depends on donations by kind benefactors for funds to go from one day to the next in its mission to help animals. By supporting Haris in his mission to help ill, injured, abandoned and disabled animals, corporates can lend a helping hand where it is required the most. We can work together to give these disadvantaged animals a second chance at happiness!

To get a glimpse of the difference we are trying to make in the lives of street animals, click here.

Companies Who Support Us

How You Can Help

Reaching out to Children

Kindness must begin at the roots. So, it is better to orient our coming generations in a compassionate attitude towards animals right in their formative years. The CSR collaboration can enable us to hold workshops in playways and schools to engage with children in a positive and friendly manner. With the help of creative audio-visual media we can encourage an effective reinforcement of compassionate attitudes towards animals.

On-the-spot Treatment Ambulance

An On-the-spot Treatment Ambulance can help Sarvoham treat many more animals on the streets. For minor ailments, our team can visit the location and administer the treatment without giving the animal the unnecessary stress of transportation. Not only will this save the animal from being exposed to diseases that haunt animal care shelters, it will also help Sarvoham save shelter space for the more critically ill or injured animals. Moreover, witnessing animals receive treatment and care in their locality will encourage compassion among the local people and make them acknowledge the importance of the lives of our nonhuman companions.

You may also help us procure the following equipment which we need urgently for our patients at Sarvoham:

Veterinary Urine Analyser
Rs.95,000 ($1300)

 Urgently Needed 

Laser Therapy Machine
Rs.9,00,000 ($12,050)

 Urgently Needed 

Veterinary Gaseous Anesthesia
Rs.3,80,000 ($5100)

 Urgently Needed 

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Donation of Equipment or Assets

The financial requirements for day-to-day operations of animal welfare organizations are so vast and unpredictable that often it leaves scanty funds for acquiring important equipment and structural assets. If companies support us by donating such equipment and assets, together we can create means to save many, many more innocent lives. There are many endeavors that benefit both animals and the society but require financial commitments beyond the scope of young and growing animal welfare organizations like Sarvoham.

Volunteering Day

Companies may declare a certain day of the month as volunteering day and announce Sarvoham as the partner organization. The company may levy a small volunteering fee of 200 to 500 rupees and donate that amount to us as the volunteering contribution. When the employees of the company come to Sarvoham, witness the suffering and recovery of these lovely animals, this will enhance their compassion towards nonhuman beings, and will also help us create awareness about issues related to animal welfare.

Sponsor/ Adopt Animals

Sarvoham is home to close to 200 abandoned, lost, disabled animals. We receive calls to rescue so many more each day. An animal welfare organization alone can never provide for so many animals. But we can also never say no to take in another one in need. If companies sponsor or passively adopt our animals, we can focus all our other resources on treating animals who need medical attention and can be released to their original location after recovering. The sponsorship amount donated by the company will be utilized for the food and medical care of these animals. 

What can we do for you?

There is no way we can thank you enough for your support but following are the little ways in which we can honour your exceptional generosity:

  • Endorsement via donated ambulance/article:

    As a gesture of gratitude for your incredible support, we’d be happy to display the company’s name and logo on our ambulance. This will spread the word about the charitable act of the company as well as act as an inspiration for other companies to follow suit. Not only will it enhance the goodwill and public trust for the company, it will also convert this goodwill into better profitability.

  • Promotion by naming Projects:

    If you have chosen to sponsor one of our projects, we’d be happy to name the project after your company. For instance, if your company wants to contribute towards making Bangalore Rabies free, we’d name the project after your company and the same shall be displayed on the banners, posters, social media posts and other marketing instruments. This will increase awareness about your commitment to the betterment of the society and the city, and will result in enhanced social capital of the company.

  • Thank you by naming Area/ Section:

    We can name an area or a section at our shelter after your company. For instance, if you wish to fund the construction of a puppy zone where puppies could be kept separately so that life-threatening viral infections common in puppies do not spread to other vulnerable dogs, we’d name the puppy zone after your company. This can also be done in case of an equipment or any other infrastructural support.

  • Assistance with Community Animals:

    We’d be happy to provide care and treatment to the animals in your company compound or surrounding locality. We can help you with their vaccinations, spaying/ neutering surgeries, wound/ illness treatment, annual health check-ups and veterinary consultation via phone or texts. If you need any other kind of help with the caring and medical treatment of these animals, we’d be happy to assist.

What we Wish to do!

Cruelty Response Team

So many cases of animal cruelty are ignored or go unnoticed because there are very few institutions or organizations who proactively work against it or have the resources for it. We wish we could do more in this area by having a Cruelty-Response team.

Dedicated Veterinary Hospital

Having a veterinary hospital would enable us to save so many more innocent lives. We wish to have a facility where more animals may be admitted for treatment, more specialized veterinarians may be hired, separate wards for separate diseases may be created to avoid contagious contact.

Offer Training Programs

We wish we could help other animal-sympathetic people to treat animals on their street for minor issues. We would like to provide them training for basic first-aid. But due to the lack of resources, we are unable to achieve this presently.

Sanctuary for More Animals

So many animals come to Sarvoham and never want to leave. It is heart-breaking to send them back when they absolutely don’t want to. But the little space we have, has to be utilized for saving animals who are critical or need urgent medical attention. We wish we had a bigger space where animals who needed sanctuary could stay on happily forever.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Thinking about including our amazing rescued animals in your CSR project? Thank you for considering this. Following are the questions that are frequently asked for CSR collaborations:

What kind of companies can collaborate with Sarvoham for CSR?

All companies regardless of size, nature, turnover, are welcome to help us by making us their chosen organization for their CSR activities.

What is the minimum amount a company has to pledge in order to contribute?

There is no minimum amount that needs to be pledged. Our animals need help of all kinds and at all times, whatever big or small you can arrange for them as help would be highly appreciated.

What is your criterion for the selection of a company for CSR?

We allow all registered companies to collaborate with Sarvoham. There are some basic rules that have to be followed for the security and safety of our rescued animals which we would be happy to share with you once you decide to make us your CSR partner, but apart from that there is no other criterion that we use to filter out organizations for their CSR activity.

Can a company sponsor or adopt an animal from you?

Of course, there are many abandoned, lost, disabled rescued dogs who will stay at Sarvoham all their lives and who need kind sponsors to ensure that they get all they need during their stay here. You can choose one or multiple animals to sponsor or adopt and make this your CSR contribution.

Can you name the project we donate to after the company?

If your contribution plays a major part in the construction of an area or the procurement of a necessary equipment, we’d ne happy to declare it publicly by naming it after your company or displaying on the equipment or area that your company is the reason we have it for our animals.

Can you display the company logo on your ambulance?

For anything entirely donated or funded by your company, we’ll display the company logo on the particular item. Our current ambulance is donated to us by the Infosys Foundation and we are proud to display their support through their logo on the ambulance.

What are the various projects that we can get involved in?

There are many avenues where we could really use your help. We have compiled a detailed list of projects that need assistance and support. To check this list, kindly click here.

If you have other companies helping you, why do you need more companies to collaborate with you for their CSR?

Animal Welfare is an area of philanthropy which remains neglected despite the growing philanthropic support for other projects all over the world. To make matters worse, everyday the instances of cruelty and indifference towards animals seem to be growing and this is evident in the increased number of animals that need rescue everyday. We receive close to 20 calls each day to help animals that have been deliberately hurt or have become a victim of our fast-paced urban lifestyle. The day-to-day and structural expense of running an organization to help animals becomes a lonely as well as mammoth task. No matter how much help one company provides us, it cannot suffice for the incredible animal suffering we try to address and the large number of dogs we cater to.

The more help we receive from different companies, the more we can expand our reach with regards to the number and species of animals we rescue, the number of animals we provide sanctuary to, the number of community outreach programs we conduct and so on. There is always more scope of improvement and helping more animals and with your help, we can achieve it.

How do we know the funds are being used properly?

Sarvoham is a registered organization and you will get a receipt of the amount you donate to us. We go through an annual audit each year and the records may be shared with companies that are interested to go through them. Every penny you trust us with will be sincerely utilized for the welfare of our animals and you can visit us anytime to make ensure this.

Can we do a random visit?

Of course, our shelter is open for visit from 11 am to 4 pm every day to you as well as all other people who wish to visit Sarvoham.

Is there a fee to conduct an activity?

No, there is absolutely no fee or entry charge for conducting a CSR activity at Sarvoham.

Can we bring family members for our company CSR activity?

Absolutely! We welcome you and your family if your company allows you to bring them to you CSR activity. We have had small children accompany employees of various companies for their CSR activity. We appreciate this and consider this a great way to inculcate the values of kindness and compassion among children.

Still got Questions?

Write to us at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help you with your queries.


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