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Whistleblower Policy

 Last updated: April 1st, 2023 


The purpose of this Whistleblower Policy is to promote transparency, accountability, and ethical conduct in our non-profit organization, and to protect individuals who report suspected or actual violations of our policies, procedures, laws, or regulations from retaliation. This policy aims to encourage our employees, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders to report concerns without fear of retribution.


This policy applies to all individuals who interact with our organization, including but not limited to employees, volunteers, contractors, consultants, vendors, donors, members, and beneficiaries. It covers any alleged or suspected wrongdoing, fraud, waste, abuse, harassment, discrimination, conflicts of interest, or other unethical or illegal activities that may harm our organization, our stakeholders, or the public interest.

Reporting Mechanisms

Individuals are encouraged to report concerns through any of the following channels:

  • Direct supervisor or manager
  • Human Resources department
  • Board of Directors
  • Ethics Hotline
  • Any other person designated by the organization for this purpose

Reports can be made verbally or in writing, anonymously or non-anonymously. The organization will treat all reports confidentially and will protect the identity of whistleblowers to the extent possible under applicable laws and regulations.

Investigation and Follow-up

Upon receiving a report, the organization will promptly investigate and take appropriate action, including but not limited to:

  • Assessing the validity and credibility of the report
  • Collecting and preserving evidence
  • Interviewing witnesses and other relevant parties
  • Referring the matter to law enforcement or regulatory authorities, if necessary
  • Disciplining or terminating employees or contractors involved in misconduct
  • Implementing corrective or preventive measures to address the root cause of the problem
  • Informing the whistleblower of the outcome of the investigation, to the extent permitted by law and without compromising the confidentiality of other parties involved.


The organization prohibits any form of retaliation against whistleblowers who make good faith reports under this policy. Retaliation includes but is not limited to:

  • Dismissal, demotion, suspension, or other adverse employment action
  • Harassment, intimidation, or discrimination
  • Reducing pay, hours, or benefits
  • Reassignment to a less desirable position or location
  • Any other form of retaliation that would dissuade a reasonable person from reporting

Any employee, volunteer, or contractor who engages in retaliation against a whistleblower will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment or contract, and may be subject to legal or regulatory sanctions.

Training and Communication

The organization will provide regular training and communication to employees, volunteers, donors, and other stakeholders on the importance of whistleblowing, the procedures for making reports, the protections against retaliation, and the consequences of non-compliance with this policy.

Monitoring and Review

The organization will monitor and review the implementation and effectiveness of this policy on a regular basis and make any necessary improvements or adjustments to ensure that it remains up-to-date, relevant, and compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Contact Information

The following contact information is provided for reporting suspected or actual violations of this policy:

  • Direct supervisor or manager
  • Human Resources department
  • Board of Directors
  • Ethics Hotline: or email: [email protected]
  • Any other person designated by the organization for this purpose

Signed by: Haris Ali , Founder & President

Date: April 1st, 2023


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