How to report an animal in distress?

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How to report an animal in distress?

If an animal appears to be critical or seriously injured, kindly arrange for her to get medical attention at a nearby veterinary medical facility. The animal might need urgent medical help and waiting for our ambulance might not be a very good idea. If you have taken her to a hospital, we shall directly reach there and bring the animal to our shelter for further treatment and recuperation.
All rescues by Sarvoham are done on the basis of the present condition of the animal. If an animal is critical, our team shall rescue her first, even if the call to rescue her might have come after any other animal whose health is not unstable or precarious.

Sarvoham only rescues sick or injured animals who need medical attention and care. Any request to pick or relocate or provide sanctuary to a healthy animal is against the law and shall not be entertained.

Rescuing an animal in distress is our topmost priority and no matter what it takes, we will help an animal in need. So, we request the reporters to be patient and understanding while reporting the animal or while waiting for the team to reach the location. 

Steps to help:
  • Call our helpline 1800 102 8032 and press-1 to inform our team about the injured animal.
  • Please give some food or water/curd/milk to the injured animal until the ambulance arrives. Dilute the milk/curd in the ratio of 1:1.
  • If the animal seems to be in hot sun, move her towards a shady spot and offer water to drink.
  • If the animal is getting drenched in rain, move her to a dry spot.
  • If the animal is panting, kindly take a wet cloth and cover her body.
  • If the animal is bleeding on the limbs, and if the artery or vein is cut, immediately tie tightly above the bleeding point and on the bleeding point.
  • If the animal is bleeding from other parts of the body, such as the forehead or the abdomen or any other part of the body that cannot be tied, take a dry and clean cloth and put pressure and hold on the bleeding point until the ambulance arrives.
  • If the animal is in the middle of the road or near traffic, kindly move her to a safe spot.
  • Record a clear 10-seconds video of the animal with the injured area or the physical problem clearly visible.
  • Send the video and your current location to the WhatsApp number provided by our team.
  • Stay around the animal till our ambulance reaches the location. In the meantime, try to confine her to an enclosed space so that our team can come and rescue her and start the treatment as quickly as possible.
Report only on our helpline; not via social media accounts:

All rescues must be reported on our helpline number 18001028032. Kindly avoid reporting through our Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp accounts since those might not be checked as often.

We are situated in South Bangalore and attempt to rescue all animals reported to us in this part of the city, mainly due to traffic constraints. If you are reporting from any other area in Bangalore, kindly consider contacting nearby organizations and hospitals first. If no one seems to be available for help, you can contact us and we shall definitely try to help.

After you leave the reported animal with our rescue team, please do not forget to ask for an acknowledgement of the rescue.

Night rescue available:

For critical accident or injury cases, where the animal needs to be rescued immediately, Sarvoham is available for night rescues as well. However, the responding time may depend upon the available resources at the time of reporting, so the reporter’s patience will be highly appreciated.

Once you report an animal, you shall receive a tracking link to track our ambulance and assess how much time it may take for the ambulance to reach you. Kindly use that link before calling us again after reporting.

Your donations Sustain us:

Sarvoham is a volunteer-based organization and not a government supported entity. We rely entirely on the donations and contributions by you, the reporter. We request you to donate generously and help us rescue, treat and help more and more animals.

You can donate through UPI, Paytm, Google Pay via our website. You can also donate through net-banking.

Name: Sarvoham Welfare Trust
Account Number: 918020021369227 (Savings a/c)
IFSC Code: UTIB0001615
Bank Name: Axis Bank
Branch: BTM Layout 1st Stage

At the time of making a donation to our rescue team or at our shelter, make sure that you collect a receipt. This helps us ensure that all your donations are accounted for, and are used only for the welfare and help of animals.

Be kind to our staff:

Sympathy for animals and a deep desire to help them is the main criterion on the basis of which we select our team members. Each and every member of Sarvoham is a compassionate person who sympathizes with animals, and wants to help them as much as possible. And since our main job is to rescue traumatized animals, sometimes the trauma passes on to us and we feel emotionally down too. We would, therefore, like to remind the reporters to be kind, to avoid being rude to the team members because after all, we are both trying to help an animal in distress.

If in case, you are not happy with the response or behavior of any of our team member, kindly dial our helpline 18001028032 and press extension 5 to raise a complaint.

If you need an update about the condition or progress of the rescued animal, kindly dial our helpline 18001028032 and press extension 4. Our team will update you with the  details of the current state of her health.


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