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1800 102 8032

Baba, the Gentle Giant

Baba was reported to us with multiple issues, none of them minor!

It is chilling to even think about what hardships she might have endured on the streets to survive on to this stage.

Baba is a survivor of Canine Distemper, a ghastly viral disease that mostly attacks puppies and young dogs. It either draws dawn upon the victims or leaves them with neurological problems and takes away their teeth. The chewing gum fits (the constant twitching of the jaw) are a lifelong affliction left by distemper. The lack of teeth and the constant twitching had left Baba’s jaw dislocated. And as if this was not enough, her eye got injured and infested with maggots, leaving a gaping hole where her right eye should have been. Imagine the pain and struggle of having to survive on unpredictable street leftovers without teeth and with only one good eye!



Date of Rescue:

June 12, 2020


8 Years


Distemper & Injury

And she's ready to trust again!

It has taken Baba a long time to heal, both her body and her soul. And we still never see her irritable or sad! She lives on in our shelter as a permanent resident and astonishes everyone with her calm demeanour and gentle temperament. Her courage in the face of all adversity is nothing less than heroic. We want to celebrate Baba and her undefeatable spirit through this story! We promise, that with the support of generous human angels like you, we will give Baba, and other dogs like her, the care and comfort they deserve!

When you heal an animal, you also heal a part of yourself. Healing is always mutual, always reciprocal.

– Sarvoham Animal Foundation

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