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Motu, Our Guardian Angel

Doesn’t this face warm your heart right up?

This is Motu, a 4-year-old sweetheart who was rescued after a case of violent abuse. He was repeatedly hit on his head by an iron rod, and left for dead, profusely bleeding from his nose and ears. He was comatose for a whole week but miraculously recovered during his treatment.

Why someone would want to harm this adorable boy, we cannot fathom. Yes, he is naturally protective of his territory and this may have caused someone to misread his behavior or barking as a threat, but Motu doesn’t deserve what was done to him.



Date of Rescue:

June 12, 2020


4 Years


Cruelty & Abuse

Hope is still not lost!

Today, the sad memory of that traumatic experience must have faded, but Motu still takes time to trust new people. He lives a safe and joyful life as a permanent resident at our shelter. He is super-active and still likes to protect his home, our shelter. He is an excellent guard dog (Ask the labour guys who came once to the shelter to do some work, Motu hugged them by their thighs and just wouldn’t let go). Any strange activity and he won’t stop barking till the time he’s sure he has drawn our attention to it. Motu is our guardian angel and we are grateful for him.

An animal’s trust is gained with love, patience and hard work, but once you get it, you have it forever!

– Sarvoham Animal Foundation

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