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Life at Sarvoham

More than a refuge, it’s a healing home where animals thrive and find forever home. At Sarvoham, compassion creates a better world for all. We offer a safe haven for animals and a supportive community for our team, working together to make a difference.

Our Mission

Sarvoham provides a second chance at happiness to injured, lost, physically challenged and abandoned animals, and educates the community in the proper, loving and kind treatment of animals.










Our heart-driven approach guides every action we take, ensuring every creature is treated with kindness.


We are proactive in our efforts, consistently seeking innovative solutions to address animal welfare challenges.


Our commitment to honesty and integrity fosters trust and authenticity in all our endeavors.


We believe in open communication and accountability, providing transparency in all our operations.


Sarvoham believes in compassion beyond all boundaries. Animals do not speak our language; it becomes our prime responsibility to be absolutely sincere to these beings and address their problems in an empathetic manner.

Our Vision

A World without Animal Suffering

Sarvoham envisions a world without animal abuse and neglect, where animals are treated with compassion and love, where the diseases that nature has inflicted on them are addressed promptly and sincerely. And till that is achieved, Sarvoham shall work tirelessly to mitigate animal suffering by rescue, treatment, rehabilitation, and passive adoption efforts.

Daily Routine

Our team makes sure each day includes feeding, health assessments, enrichment, and training for the well-being of our animals.


Feeding & Medical Checks

Every morning, our team feeds the animals a nutritious diet and our in-house veterinary team performs health inspections to warrant their well-being, providing comprehensive guardianship daily.

Enrichment &

Our caretakers and trainers provide exercises, mental stimulation, and behavioral training to keep our animals healthy and socially adept.


Grooming and Care

Regular grooming sessions help keep our animals clean and healthy. This is also a time for our staff to bond with the animals and provide them with extra affection.

Enrichment Activities

To keep our animals mentally stimulated, we provide enrichment activities such as puzzle toys, agility courses, and interactive play sessions.


Evening Feeding

As the day winds down, our animals enjoy another nutritious meal, prepared and served with the same care as their morning feeding.

Quiet Time

After dinner, the animals have a period of quiet time where they can relax and unwind. This helps them settle down after a day full of engagements.


Bedtime Routine

We make certain our animals have clean, comfortable sleeping areas with cozy bedding for a restful night.

Nightly Checks

Our staff conducts regular wellness audits, administers medications, and addresses concerns, under supervision, ensuring the safety of our animals.

Our Facilities

Designated Wards

Our designated wards are designed to provide comfort and security. Each space is equipped with cozy bedding, toys, and climate control to establish a comfortable environment.  Each ward caters to specific requirements of the pets.

Veterinary Clinic

Our on-site veterinary clinic is fully equipped to handle medical emergencies, routine check-ups, and surgical procedures. Our vets and vet techs are passionate about providing the best possible support.

Outdoor Spaces

We have expansive outdoor areas where animals can enjoy fresh air and sunshine. These spaces are crucial for physical exercise and mental well-being.

For Our Employees

A Culture of Compassion

Join a passionate, empathetic team dedicated to animal care and welfare, where everyone feels valued and inspired.

Professional Growth & Development

Sarvoham offers training, workshops, and career advancement opportunities to support your growth in animal welfare.

Work-Life Balance

We offer flexible schedules, generous leave, and wellness programs to ensure our team is healthy and happy.

Employee Benefits

We prioritize your well-being with health insurance, mental health support, and wellness initiatives, alongside financial security and community connection.

Join Our Team

Ready to make a difference? Explore our current job openings and apply to become a part of the Sarvoham team. Your passion and dedication can help us create a better world for animals.