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How We Hire

Our comprehensive process begins with candidate sourcing, followed by rigorous screening and assessments. We conduct thorough background and compassion checks to assure alignment with our values. Interviews are conducted to assess suitability. Upon selection, negotiations and offers are made. Finally, seamless on-boarding ensures a smooth transition into our organization.

Joining Sarvoham

We’re here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re just starting out or stepping into a leadership role, everyone deserves equal access to our hiring process and resources, reflecting our commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

At Sarvoham, hiring is more than a formal procedure—it’s a reflection of our values and culture. We deeply value collaboration and the unique contributions each person brings. We’re dedicated to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment, starting with our hiring practices. To truly make a difference in animal welfare, we believe in harnessing a variety of insights and backgrounds, beginning with a fair and open hiring approach.

To help you navigate this procedure with ease, we’ve outlined it both visually and descriptively below. This will serve as your clear roadmap as you embark on your journey to join our enthusiastic workforce.

Reflecting on Your Passion for Animal Welfare

Before starting on your journey with Sarvoham, take a moment to center yourself and focus on what truly drives you.

Have you found yourself adept at tasks that don’t spark your passion? It’s a common happening. Perhaps it’s due to the nature of the work or expertise honed from previous roles. While having a diverse skill set is valuable, it’s essential to channel your energy towards what genuinely moves you. Before reaching out to us, ponder these questions:

What learning experience has made subsequent challenges feel more manageable?

Do you thrive more when working solo or as a group?

What gives you greater satisfaction, problem-solving or facilitating discussions?

Which role has been most fulfilling in your journey? What made it memorable?

Can you recall an outstanding team experience? What made it exceptional?

Let them guide your vision for your future role at Sarvoham.

Why this introspection? Your talents and passions are shaped by your life’s experiences, achievements, and challenges. Hiring based on capabilities alone gets us a skilled employee. But when we bring on board someone with both mastery and a devotion for animal welfare, along with unique experiences and perspectives, we gain a dependable member. That’s our goal.

Exploring Opportunities with Sarvoham

After reflecting on your commitment and what you seek in a role, dive deeper to understand Sarvoham’s mission, vision, values, and our work environment.

Browse through our website and explore our various departments. Watch our Instagram videos on our rescue efforts and locations.

Delve into our stories and see how we support our people. The ideal role for you should resonate with both your aspirations and our mission. So, take your time exploring. 

Crafting Your Application for Sarvoham

When updating your resume, it might be tempting to simply add your recent experiences to your existing one. However, we encourage you to take a more thoughtful approach for a more meaningful application process.  While your previous resume can serve as a reference, consider starting a new for each position you apply to. Here’s how to tailor your resume for Sarvoham.

Match Skills with Needs

Synchronize your skills and experiences with the specific requirements of the role. Quantify your achievements where possible.

Highlight Projects

Detail the projects you've been involved in or led. What was the impact? How did you measure success? Use the format, “achieved [X] through [Y] by doing [Z]” to showcase your accomplishments.

Leadership Experience

If you’ve taken on leadership roles, share the scale of your responsibilities and team size.

Showcase Relevant Learning

If you're a recent graduate or have limited work experience, include academic projects or coursework that demonstrate relevant expertise.

Be Concise

While there's no strict page limit, clarity and brevity matter. Verify each detail adds value to your application.

Regarding cover letters

They're optional but can provide valuable insights. If you opt to submit one, match it up with the role's requirements, share impactful stories, and use data to support your claims. Make it a bridge between your zeal and Sarvoham's mission, giving us a glimpse of who you are.

Applying to Sarvoham

We encourage you to focus on positions that truly resonate with your zeal and prowess.

Using our online application portal, share about yourself, your experiences, and where you envision yourself within Sarvoham. Browse through the available positions that conform with your interests. Remember, you can apply for up to three positions within a 30-day period.

A little insight: many of our staff members initially applied for different roles with Sarvoham before finding the right fit. If your first application isn’t successful, don’t be disheartened. Keep exploring and apply for opportunities that align with your passion and expertise.

Interview Process

If we see potential in your application, you’ll progress to the interview stage of our hiring journey. While the specifics might vary based on the role you’re applying for, the core elements of our process remain consistent. Here’s what you can generally expect:

Skills Assessment- Prior to formal interviews, you might be asked to complete the Sarvoham Assessment, tailored to evaluate the essential skills for your desired role. Depending on the position, you might also be given additional tasks like a practical exercise or writing samples.

Initial Conversations- Before diving deeper into interviews, anticipate one or two preliminary discussions over a call or video conference. These initial interactions will likely be with a recruiter and then with the team lead or a team member. They aim to gauge the key competencies essential for the role.

Project Evaluation- Occasionally, we might request a small project before your detailed interviews. This could be anything from a case study preparation to showcasing relevant samples of your work.  We'll provide clear guidelines well in advance to guarantee you're prepared.

Interview Rounds- Interviews at Sarvoham are more than just assessments; they're conversations. Our procedure is thorough (usually spanning 2-3 rounds in a day, either virtual or face-to-face), and is designed to be engaging and informative. Our aim is to get to know you better while offering you an insight into our culture and mission.

Guiding Principles for Interviews

Structured Evaluation

We use consistent criteria to evaluate all candidates, ensuring fairness and encouraging individual strengths to shine.

Insightful Questions

Our questions are designed to understand your problem-solving abilities, group work, talents, and unique strengths.

Decision and Offer

Post-interview, we consolidate insights from your application and discussions to evaluate your fit with Sarvoham.

Our decision-making involves multiple perspectives, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. If we believe you orient best with our mission and the role, our recruitment team will extend an offer to you.

Once you accept the offer, our onboarding team will guide you through details like compensation, benefits, ID card, insurance, and more. This sets you on the path to becoming a Sarvoham member!


Find Your Perfect Role

Explore our diverse job listings and find the perfect role that aligns with your skills and interests

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Begin your professional journey by gaining real-world experience through hands-on learning

Employee Benefits

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Common Queries

Answers to frequently asked questions. These might help you in case you have any doubts.

Will I be notified if a position is filled?

If you haven’t heard back from us within two months, it's likely we've moved forward with other candidates. However, we'll keep your application on file and may reach out if a suitable opportunity arises that aligns with your expertise and experience.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Absolutely, you can apply for more than one role. We suggest focusing on positions that closely align with your skills and interests. Remember, you can apply for up to three roles within a 30-day period.

What are the deadlines for applications?

Deadlines will be specified in our job listings. Most of our positions accept applications on an ongoing basis, so we encourage you to apply as soon as you find a suitable role.

I applied or interviewed previously and wasn't selected. Can I try again?

Certainly! For certain roles, especially in our rescue and care divisions, we recommend gaining more experience before reapplying.

How does Sarvoham ensure a fair hiring process?

We're committed to creating an inclusive and equitable hiring process. We use structured interviews and clear assessment criteria to evaluate candidates consistently and fairly.

Do I need to include a cover letter with my application?

While not mandatory, a cover letter can help us understand your passion for animal welfare and your fit for the role. Feel free to include one tailored to the position you're applying for.

What should I expect in the initial screening process?

The initial screening may involve a brief phone or video conference with our recruitment team. This is an opportunity for us to get to know you better and understand your interest in Sarvoham.

Are there opportunities for growth and development at Sarvoham?

Absolutely! We encourage professional growth and offer training programs and workshops to help our team members develop their skills and advance in their careers.

How does Sarvoham support its employees' well-being?

We understand the well-being of our team members. Apart from competitive benefits, we offer regular wellness programs, counselling services, and a supportive work environment to ensure our team thrives both professionally and personally.