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Your Journey to Joining Us

Join us as we take you on a trip where openness, diversity, and individual attention are the norm. Find out how we enable applicants from a variety of backgrounds to locate their ideal fit and develop into great team members.

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Screening

Compassion Checks

Interview & Assessments

Background Checks

Negotiation & Offer


Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Screening

Compassion Checks

Negotiation & Offer

Background Checks

Interview & Assessments


Inclusive Approach

Our Hiring Process

We prioritize aligning your expertise with our values and mission. We conduct thorough interviews to assess candidates’ skills and experience, striving for diversity and inclusivity in our team.

We strive for transparent, accessible hiring processes

All candidates, regardless of level, have equal access to resources

Our mission is to foster an inclusive environment for all

Candidate sourcing

It’s critical to reflect and determine your true motivations before starting your job search. When you think back on your former experiences, ask yourself questions like what tasks have given you the most happiness, do you work best in alone or group settings, and what components of your past positions have been the most fulfilling? Your self-awareness will direct you into careers that fit your ideals and areas of enthusiasm.

Passion-Driven Recruitment

Sarvoham prioritizes candidates with a genuine dedication to animal welfare alongside their professional qualifications. We believe in nurturing a team passionate about animal care.

Diverse Talent Pool

We welcome anybody who are willing to contribute in improving the lives of street animals, regardless of experience level or recent transfer from another sector.

Community Engagement

Emphasizing the importance of community engagement, our organization fosters unity and collaboration among volunteers, team members, and local communities.

Continuous Growth

We provide ongoing training and development to our team members, empowering them to excel in their roles and enhance the well-being of the animals we serve.

Candidate Screening

Explore our website to understand how your skills and goals align with Sarvoham’s mission and responsibilities before proceeding with your application.

Commitment Assessment - Applicants sharing Sarvoham's values of empathy and animal care are preferred, demonstrating their dedication to improving street animals' lives.

Experience Evaluation - We review candidates' expertise in animal care, rescue operations, and community engagement to cultivate a capable and diverse team advancing our mission.

Compassion Checks

Compassion is deeply woven into our operations. We meticulously evaluate the empathy, kindness, and commitment of our staff and volunteers to animal welfare. We seek individuals who are skilled, and also genuinely devoted to animals’ well-being.

Interview & Assessments

Our hiring procedure makes sure that candidates’ qualifications match our organization’s requirements. Whether you are looking for an administrative, community outreach, or animal care position, our objective is to determine your appropriateness for the role and your ability to positively impact our mission.

Comprehensive Assessment

Sarvoham appreciates traits like empathy, fortitude, and commitment to animal welfare in addition to technical proficiency and professional qualifications. Our evaluation procedure takes into account a candidate's passion to our cause and connection with our organization's ideals.

Engaging Tasks

Candidates may take part in interactive activities that mimic real-world situations they might run into while working at Sarvoham in addition to standard interviews. Through these exercises, candidates can demonstrate in a real-world environment their creative problem-solving abilities, love and for animal care.


Background Checks

After the interview process is over and before making an offer, we thoroughly analyze candidates’ backgrounds to confirm the information they submitted. This guarantees adherence to the legal standards and principles of our organization.

Negotiation & Offer

We recognize the value of honest and open discussions when making any offers to applicants. Ensuring each team member feels appreciated and equipped to support our animal welfare mission is our main objective. What to anticipate in the negotiation and offer stage is as follows:

Transparent Communication

To ensure openness and clarity during the negotiating process, we provide comprehensive information up front on pay, benefits, and other advantages.

Supportive Onboarding Process

Our onboarding staff helps new hires through the onboarding process after an offer is accepted, facilitating a seamless integration into the Sarvoham community.

Flexible Options

Different flexible options are provided by Sarvoham depending on the role, each tailored to meet the specific needs of our departments.

Recognition of Skills and Experience

We strive to provide competitive remuneration packages that appropriately acknowledge the value of each candidate's experience and talents and their contributions to our organisation.

Career Development Opportunities

We emphasize chances for professional development and promotion within Sarvoham in addition to pay. We think it's important to contribute to the long-term success of our team members.

Collaborative Negotiation

In order to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement, both parties approach negotiations as a collaborative process. We respect the priorities of each candidate and promote direct communication.

On-Boarding Process

Our onboarding process is designed to smoothly integrate new hires into our team. Through orientation sessions, hands-on training, and ongoing mentorship, we ensure they feel supported to make a positive impact in animal welfare.


Culture & Values

Collaboration defines Sarvoham's teams, uniting diverse talents to achieve our shared mission of animal welfare advocacy

Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

By fostering diversity and inclusivity, we enrich our community and also enhance our ability to serve and advocate for animals in need


Teamwork is integral to Sarvoham. Across departments, we unite to advance our mission of compassion and advocacy for animals

Common Queries

Answers to frequently asked questions. These might help you in case you have any doubts.

What types of positions are available? Can I apply for multiple positions?

We offer various roles including animal care, administration, and advocacy. Yes, you can apply for three positions within a 30-day period, but tailor each application accordingly.

What is your recruitment process, Can I visit your facilities before applying?

Our recruitment process involves reviewing applications, interviews, and assessments. To learn more Click Here. Of course, our shelter is open for visit from 11 am to 4 pm every day to you as well as all other people who wish to visit Sarvoham.

Is remote work an option, and do you offer flexible work options?

Currently we do not support remote work. Flexible work options are available for certain positions.

What are your organization's core values, and how do you promote diversity?

Our core values include compassion, integrity, collaboration, and dedication to animal welfare. We promote diversity through initiatives like diversity training and inclusive hiring practices.

Are there opportunities for career advancement and what training do you provide?

Yes, we encourage career advancement and provide training, workshops, and resources for professional development.

What qualities do you seek in candidates?

We seek candidates passionate about animal welfare, possessing relevant skills and aligning with our values. To learn more Click Here.

Are there opportunities to work directly with animals?

Yes, we have both office-based and animal-care roles. 

What is your organizational culture?

Our culture fosters respect, integrity, and teamwork—values that drive our mission forward every day. Visit our Culture & Values page to learn more.

Do you collaborate with other organizations? And how do you measure your impact on animal welfare?

Collaborations with other organizations are common to maximize our impact. Our impact is measured through metrics like animal rescues and community outreach efforts.

How do you prioritize employee well-being? Do you offer employee benefits or perks?

We implement employee well-being through supportive environments and health resources. Yes, we offer benefits like health insurance and retirement plans. Visit our Benefits page to learn more.

Are volunteer opportunities available, and do you offer internships for students?

Yes, we have volunteer opportunities alongside part-time positions with flexible options. We do offer internships tailored for students interested in animal welfare. Click here to apply.