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Hari Singh

Hari Singh is always there with Care where it is needed the most!

Truly Dedicated!

Hari Singh is the person in charge of the treatment area of our shelter. This means that his duty is a repetitive but highly significant one for many reasons. He serves critically ill and disabled animals with patience and gentleness and ensures they are comfortable at Sarvoham. He ensures that animals that are disabled to the extent of immobility get the necessary care and comfort. He would turn them and change their position every two hours to prevent bed-sores, he would sit and talk to them to show them that they are safe and taken care of, he would hand feed or syringe feed little puppies or animals who refuse to eat due to their trauma or disability, he would administer IV drips to the animals who need it. But this does not mean he does not share the routine but important chores like keeping the treatment area clean and giving a hand in the everyday running of the shelter. Hari Singh’s gentle presence has made possible many miraculous recoveries  at Sarvoham. His attitude is always positive and optimistic and despite being in the presence of extremely traumatic animals, Hari Singh is always smiling, always driven, dedicated, and Sarvoham salutes him for that!


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