JP Nagar 8th Phase, Bangalore 560 083

1800 102 8032

Dr. Revathi Gotety

Veterinary Consultant
Dr Revathi is a blessing to have around animals who are in pain and are not ready to trust us right away.
25 Years
Surgery and Radiology

A Warm Heart and a Healing Hand!

She is the perfect combination of the matter-of-fact intelligence of a doctor and compassionate sentiment of an animal lover. She has an extremely humane approach to interacting with and treating animals. For her, each and every animal she treats is an individual first and deserves respect and sympathy. If an animal is too unwell to cooperate with treatment, Dr Revathi steps in like a wizard and comforts him so effortlessly that the animal is ready to get the treatment administered.

Her medical knowledge is beyond excellent and her one look at a sick animal says more about his condition than all the medical test reports we could arrange. When she is around, there is a strange comfort in the air that makes all animals feel safe and all tails wag in happiness. Dr Revathi has been with us since the time Sarvoham was a single person venture and did not have any funds to afford a veterinary practitioner. She helped us through those times, visited our animals and extended necessary help without asking for anything in return. Dr Revathi is one exceptional person and we are truly grateful to have her on our team.


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