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Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Medical Director
Dr Pradeep guides us in the best medical treatment protocols, but also in better animal handling and shelter management.
8+ Years
Veterinary Medicine

The Guiding light!

Dr Pradeep is our medical director and takes care of the medical treatment of all the ailing animals at Sarvoham. He specializes in Veterinary medicine and has been with us for more than 4 years now. But for Sarvoham, Dr Pradeep is the guiding light who teaches us new things about animal health and behavior every day. He informs us with his ideas on cost-cutting so that the limited resources we have are used to their optimal level. He shares with us his resources for procuring medical supplies at the most economical rate. He always keeps our limited resources in mind while prescribing medicines and other procedures and yet never compromises on the best treatment of the sick animals.

He allows us to use his contacts so that we can use medical facilities for the treatment of our patients at minimum possible cost. Not only that, Dr Pradeep guides us about the best way of managing our shelter so that we use our people and financial resources to benefit more and more animals. His patience while dealing with an animal is exemplary and he is a great inspiration for our staff who learns animal handling from him. When Dr. Pradeep is around we know our sick animals are in the best hands.


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