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Arjun Singh

Healthcare Assistant
Arjun is a healthcare assistant and takes care of the immediate and routine medical requirements of the ailing dogs at Sarvoham.

Man with a Mission!

With more than six years of experience on his hands, Arjun is as good as a seasoned medical practitioner when it comes to emergency medical situations at our shelter. It would not be an overstatement to say that Arjun is the nurturing hand behind all the healing that takes place at Sarvoham.

Arjun is highly organized and manages to handle many jobs simultaneously. He is the bridge of communication at Sarvoham. The moment a dog reaches the shelter, he coordinates with the medical staff about the immediate treatment and administers it. He is also the contact point between the reporters and the shelter, and provides regular and prompt updates to reporters about their rescued dog’s condition and progress. He is polite, gentle and manages to satisfy all the queries by worried reporters with patience and sympathy.

Arjun’s dedication and commitment to the wellbeing of the dogs at Sarvoham is truly admirable. For the past 6 months, he has not taken even a single day’s leave and has been happily available for our doggies regardless of his shift timings. With his talent, experience and inspiring qualities, Arjun is an absolute blessing for Sarvoham and all our lovely animals.


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