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Adopting a Pet is a Lifetime Commitment!

Pets are not objects to exchange as gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals. A pet is not devoid of feelings. When you leave them at shelters, their hearts ache like ours do! When you abandon them, their whole world comes crashing because their whole world was you! When they don’t get your love, they give up on everything- fun, food, friends, and sometimes even their life! So, don’t think that pets are something you can buy, or just get or leave whenever you want. You accept a pet; you welcome them in your world with an unwavering commitment and unconditional love! And once you do, we bet your world will become a thousand times more beautiful and each moment of your life a thousand times more blissful! So, adopt a pet responsibly and commit to them for a lifetime! If you have decided to continue with this important life decision, kindly fill out this questionnaire:


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