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Ranoj Narah

Food and Kitchen In-charge
Ranoj cooks healthy meals for our shelter animals, keeps the kitchen well-stocked and neat, and assists the shelter staff in the cleaning and upkeep of the shelter.

The Chef!

If you visit Sarvoham and have a whiff of aroma coming from the kitchen area, that’s Ranoj doing his wizardry with the minimum ingredients possible! Ranoj is our kitchen in-charge who cooks food for our dogs, keeps the kitchen area clean and washes the mountain of utensils that our dogs almost lick-clean, but need formally clean for their next meal.

His job sounds simple but it needs repetitive, back-breaking hard work, and incredible inventiveness to create food that makes even suffering animals want to eat. But Ranoj does it effortlessly.

He is resourceful to use the ingredients and supplies so wisely as to make optimum use of the limited resources we run on. He pays meticulous attention to the hygiene, nutrition and punctuality of the food preparation and his intuitive wisdom about the quality, quantity and taste of the food leaves everyone in awe of his talent and experience.


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