JP Nagar 8th Phase, Bangalore 560 083

1800 102 8032

Onkar Singh

If there’s a call for rescue for a street animal in distress, Onkar is on a mission to rescue her. His sincere intention to help animals, his prompt rescue efforts, and his gentle treatment of the suffering animal wins hearts and is a matter of pride for Sarvoham!

Rescue now, rest later (or maybe never)!

Onkar rescues all the distressed animals reported to Sarvoham. Day after day, call after call, he never lets his physical or mental fatigue come in the way of him rescuing an animal in need. Onkar’s expertise in handling a distressed animal and his reassuring gentleness with animals is nothing short of miraculous; suffering animals just know he is there to help, and trust him intuitively. Despite his deep sympathy for animals, Onkar’s patience and restraint in handling an animal in a disturbing condition is absolutely commendable. No matter the difficulty of the case, the reluctance of the animal, the anxiety of the rescuer, if Onkar is there, we are sure that all will be taken care of. And all this is clearly evident in all the raving reviews he gets after every rescue. Surely, Onkar is an asset to have, and we truly blessed to have him in our team!


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