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Monoj Pegu

Monoj is a caretaker at Sarvoham whose main job is to maintain the essential functionality of the shelter.

The Gentle Caregiver!

He is the ever-smiling, ever-kind, gentle worker who never limits himself to his assigned duties. He cleans, cooks, feeds, but more than that, he attends to the ailing dogs who need a little more care, a little more coaxing to eat, a little more attention in their difficult times. He is generally the first person to observe a change in a dog’s behavior or condition and report it to the healthcare team. His work is therefore crucial and requires constant watchfulness.

Monoj is on his feet most of the time, working with minimal supervision, working beyond shifts, working with difficult animals, but always working with a smile. During the 2020 lockdown, when Sarvoham was forced to operate with minimum staff, Monoj handled the workload of six people and did not even mention it! His concern and dedication for the shelter dogs come from his deep affection for them and we respect him for this all the more.


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