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Rabies Free India

Sarvoham conducted a Rabies Free drive today and we could vaccinate 55 dogs in our community. We did our part towards Rabies Free India

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Volunteer for Cause at Sarvoham

Volunteers from VFC (Volunteer For A Cause) spent some one on one time with our shelter pets on Sunday. And it was amazing! Our dogs were so happy and couldn't get enough of the attention. Hope to see you guys soon

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Pet Adoption Drive at Slate Cafe, JP Nagar

Adopt a dog, not because of the way it looks but how well it fits into your lifestyle and it's sure to go a long way! Remember, there's a pup out there for everyone... question is whether you're willing to look hard enough and pick the one that fits best with your life.!

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Spaying & Neutering drive at Sarvoham

We had a sterilization camp and the esteemed Dr.Akshay Prakash helped us to Spay and Neuter 36 stray dogs. We are thankful to him, his team and the responsible citizens of Banglore who care about the health of their streeties.

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Volunteers from Bhoomi Organization

These pawsome humans visited us on Sunday to help out. They gave the doggies baths, took them for a walk and helped to feed them. All in all, the dogs had a blast and couldn't have asked for anything more to make their day. Wishing the Bhoomi team the best!

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Haris Birthday Celebration

We get together with our volunteers, family & friends and prepare meals for all our beloved doggies and fed them. Celebrate your birthday with our doggies. Contact us today!

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